Pfsense APIs, alternatives, suggestions

Hey everyone!

I’m starting a discussion about pfSense APIs now, because thinking about some solution with I can manage the firewall from external software.
Actually thinking about addig addresses to filter aliases from for ex. a mail server if an incoming spam has been detected.

MikroTik has some solution for this, because we can use their SSH to manage rules.
Also know that opnSense (which is sort of a pfSense fork) has integrated API functions:

BUT what about pfSense-available solutions?
Red posts about FauxAPI ( which seems to be a good choise, but not. It allow us to upload a new xml config file which is applied … but thinking about an easier solution.
Yes, i know that pfSense is a BSD-based " admin panel" which adds rules to the BSD system and know that also has an SSH access to the system and i can add rules, but seems to be hard, and also a problem that pfSense does not detect already added rules, only which has been added from the interface.

That is why i’m writing this topic. Do anyone know something alternative? Do anyone did something like that with pfSense?
@LTS_Tom probably it should be a good new video tip

There is not any easy way to do this as the people at pfsense have not really baked in this feature like other firewalls have. But it is all open source so it could be done via an add on to the pfsense code base that will not likely ever get officially supported unless you can convince the dev team there that it is needed.

But, there is one company that does offer it as a paid service here (I have never used it)

Another one that I am aware of, but also have not used is this which might be worth looking into as it is already open source and easy enough to contact the developer.

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