Pfsense and Unify - No IP allocation

hello, im having a problem with my network right now, i have a pfsense as my DHCP Server and UAP-AC-Lite, UAP-AC-LR, Hotel set up 1 UAP-AC-Lite per room and UAP-AC-LR for hallways, all set to default no vlan and all ap are only adopted no additional set up,
Some of the areas or room when connecting to the AP its says no IP ALLOCATION but when im at the different room i can connect on the AP. what are the possible troubleshooting thanks in advance.
pfesnse 2.4.4
Unifi controller 5.10.25

please help thanks

If they are not getting an IP address are you sure you have the DHCP server set to hand out enough addresses?

I’m thinking along the lines of what @LTS_Tom is thinking. You’re probably running out of addresses. I would check that first. If you are, you can either expand your subnet or shorten up your lease times. In an office a lease time of 2 weeks would be no big deal since it’s the same devices every day. In a hotel, you might drop your lease time to 1 hour since so many devices are coming and going all the time.

this my dhcp range on the pfsense , how to setuo lease times on pfsense

Near the bottom under “Other Options” is “Default lease time” and “Macimum lease time”.

already adjusted the default lease time to 3600 second, but im wondering i have a /19 network range how come i cant get an ip address? i can see on the controller that are connected guest of 10 user. is there any config on the controller that i need to setup or adjust?

i also try to disabled the 5g on the UAP-AC-Lite and low the tx power leave the channel to auto. all AP are using static IP address.

this is my system config.

Just today I was having issue getting an IP as well, from just 1 AP. Turned out it was the cable run between the AP and the switch. The UAP-Pro (powered by 24v passive) worked just enough to broadcast SSIDs but had trouble communicating out. I swapped the cable, everything worked.

I know you said you have multiple APs with that issue but maybe cable runs were done in bulk. Try cable tester.

@xmemex all my AP powered by 24v passive. ES24 250W and UnfiSwitch16 150W
is that advice-sable to powered all my AP into 24v passive?

My device are ES24 250W and UnfiSwitch16 150W

on the ES24 250W im powering 4 CCTV and 19 AP (24v Passive)
on the UnfiSwitch16 150W im powering 5 AP (24v Passive)

All I’m saying is check the cables.

As for PoE, the ONLY reason I’m using 24v passive is because my old version AC-Pros (not AC) require it. I’d stick with af/at if you could.