Pfsense and unifi usg pro 4 combine

hi team im new here and im upgrading my network. i want to include the usg pro 4 in my current network.

current layout
provider modem >>> pfsense >>> unifi switch >>> unifi wifi/ lans/voip

new network i want to setup for monitoring of traffic bandwidth
provider modem >>> pfsense >>>unifi usg pro 4>>> unifi switch >>> unifi wifi/ lans/voip

the unifi usg pro 4 has been adopted together with other unifi devices but there was nothing showing in the insights traffic stats

can anyone enlighten me to make this reports show on the unifi.

USG Can’t be used in bridge mode to only get statistics it has to be the router. Why not install ntopng on pfsense?

thanks for the reply and suggestion of that package.
Ive tried that also and i’m just getting to know to view the traffic details in that package.