PfSense and Unifi switches- clients can't reach LAN gateway or Internet

Hello all.

I’ve watched a ton of Tom’s videos but this is my first post to the forums.

I was hoping to get some input on a problem I’m having. I have a network with a number of UniFi switches and an aging Watchguard XTM router. I decided to replace the XTM with an Netgate SG-3100.

I configured PFsense on the Netgate in a lab setup using various videos as guidance, did some testing and everything was working as expected. Then I changed the IPs of the WAN and LAN interfaces to match those used by the XTM, and replaced the XTM with the Netgate, plugging LAN1 into the same port that the XTM’s LAN port had been connected to.

Unfortunately, though, when I went to test connectivity, I found that none of the hosts plugged into the Unifi switches could reach the Internet, nor could they even ping the LAN gateway IP on the Netgate.

When I plugged a laptop directly into a LAN port on the Netgate there were no problems, just like in my lab setup, so I assume there is something going on between the Netgate and the Unifi switches. I didn’t expect any problems since I was using the same IPs and uplink port, but I’m very new to pfSense, so I must have misconfigured something.

Anyway, I put the XTM back in place so I can re-examine my setup and try to figure out what’s wrong.

Some additional background for what it’s worth —my DHCP server is coming from Windows Server, so not relying on the Netgate for that. I’ve verified I’m using the correct private IPs and subnet mask, and the LAN network is set up as “Corporate” in the Unifi controller.

If anyone has some thoughts or suggestions on what might be going on here, I’d greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks very much.


If it works when you plug in another device directly to the LAN on pfsense then you have a switch issue.