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Good evening everyone,

I have a quick question about Tailscale and Pfsense.
I have Tailscale running on a Rasperry Pi, which advertises routes into its network ( now there is a Pfsense, which also has Tailscale running, the Pfsense has a network with, I now want to go with it Clients that are in this network access the clients that are in the network behind the Pi (
If I ping e.g. from the Sense, it works, but not if I do it from a client in the network.

For me this means a routing problem,
Do I now have to set a route on the pfsense so that the clients from the subnet can communicate with the clients in the network?

Best regards

This is the tutorial I followed for StS Tailscale between two pfSense nodes. Make sure to watch all the way to the end as Christian McDonald throws in a few tidbits near the end. There is likely something you are not replicating on the RPI end.

Tailscale on pfSense Software!.

The pfSense StS implementation works automatically!

Hi Elvis,

thank you, Im now on the right way, but I have one thing, that is strange on my pfsense.

I try to add a outbound nat rule, but Im not able to select Tailscale as the translation interface, is there a bug or do you know a workaround for this case?
Or did I miss something?

Kind regards Leonard

Might be a bug. I originally set up TS under 2.7.0

When I edit my outbound rule, it looks like this.