Pfsense and proxmox

so i have pfsense running on a vault system and proxmox on another computer. Is there any tutorials or instructions on how to use vlans that is created on pfsense and allow proxmox to use it.

i have tried to figure out, and there is no docs on how to do it.

It’s straight forward to use vlans in PROXMOX when you set up the networking. Just connect your PROXMOX to a trunk port on your switch.

Google single port valns on PROXMOX and you’ll find it.

i have setup pfsense with a vlan, configured, and setup rules, DHCP etc, one of my switch is connected to the proxmox which set to a IP address. how can i use vlans from pfsense.

when you say straight forward, is not really for those who haven’t try vlans on proxmox.

you configured pfsense with vlan10 primary lan vlan10
dhcp enabled on vlan10, offers

managed switch — connects to pfsense lan on port 1 and is configured to set port 7 to vlan10. The configuration depends on the managed switch, I have a managed tp-link switch. proxmox connects to port 7 of switch and receives ip as expected. I did it two weeks ago for a test.

pfsense -- (port 1) managed switch (port 7) -- proxmox

step 2: go to the TL-SG308E Managed Switch

802.1Q VLAN Configuration

step 3: go to 802.1Q VLAN PID Setting and give port 7 pvid 10.

Hope this helps.

Once you have a bridge to your trunk port, just enter your vlan number for your vm.

Screenshot from 2023-09-25 17-06-07

that i understand, but what i have multiple vlans that I want to use and I only have one physical port on the computer that have proxmox on. does that make sense. The physical port is (not vlan) for proxmox, but to be able to use vlans for VMs.

Hi @benlumia007, it is important to realize that VLAN is not something you “create” in pfSense and “use” in Proxmox.

You rather have to configure the VLANs in both pfSense and Proxmox and you have to enable them in the switch that connects both.

That is, you need a managed switch and access to configure its ports.

I can´t help you with the switch since every brand has its own interface and even some have different nomenclature, but you have to configure the ports where you connect pfSense and Proxmox as trunk ports.

You may have to specify the VLAN numbers you are using, or maybe enable all of them (2-4094).

In Proxmox, if you have only one physical interface, y ou’ll likely need console access in order to change its configuration and not loose access to it.

First, using the web UI, select your node and to go to Network.

You’ll see a list with at least 2 entries. One should be of type Network Device and corresponds to your physical ethernet port. Take note of its Name (let’s assume it’s eth0).

You whould also have at least one other entry of type Bridge where you interconnect your virtual machines inside Proxmox.

Check if one of these bridges have, in the column named Port/Slaves the name of your physical interface. If this is so, you have to click on the entry and delete the field Bridge Port (since you can’t have more than one bridge on the same phyisical port).

Do not press the Apply Configuration button.

Now press the Create button and select Linux Bridge to create a new linux bridge with a Name different from the ones you already have, say vmbr999.

Check :ballot_box_with_check: the VLAN aware checkbox and in Bridge ports put the name of the (only) physical interface you have (eth0 or whatever you found out above).

Now, you have to configure the network devices in each virtual machine to use the correct VLAN.

You should go to each VM configuration, select Hardware and modify each Network Device so that it binds to the new bridge (vmbr999) and in VLAN tag put the VLAN number you want to use.


Appreciated. I’ll give a shot to see if it works!