PfSense and OpenVPN issue

My pfsense is installed and working like a champ!


ANY time i setup an OpenVPN server
my OPT1 interface looses any internet connectivity.

I have checked firewall rules, reset pfsense fresh by itself and only setup a OpenVPN server same issue with no other packages installed.

Is there something OpenVPN does to all other networks once you setup a server I’m missing?

LAN works perfectly fine only OPT1 looses internet connectivity.

Cable modem is bridged to pfsense box


LAN is STATIC from - with DHCP from -

OPT1 is DHCP -

All devices on LAN are static that are known and are always going to be on the LAN side.

Got a couple of port forwards for a Roomba, Thermostat, and a Ring doorbell on LAN

The only device on OPT1 is a Kevo bridge with ports forwarded for unlocking the door remotely and it just goes down after a OpenVPN server is just installed. Connected a computer to OPT1 and no internet, no ping out either. Im loosing my marbles here! Can ping the Kevo bridge though on OPT1.

LAN and OPT1 are blocked from seeing each other as i have no firewall rules, pfblocker, or suricata setup on OPT1. It is basically going to be my DMZ for when/what ever.

In OpenVPN is your IPv4 Tunnel Network within the same range at OPT1?

No not at all. Only LAN.

I went over everything and changed one item, i dont see how this should have affected it but…

My tunnel network was
LAN is

I changed the tunnel network to to test and now it seems to be good.

Is it that it was soo close to OPT1 that it was just interfering with it? Is my networking skillz going to pot or is it just good pratice to not have then that close to each other?

Still having ths issue, if the VPN is disabled it works if its enabled no internet im lost as hell now.

Ok so im still having this issue.
With OpenVPN server running, no internet to OPT1
With OpenVPN server stopped, internet is back on OPT1

I have changed every port, and ip setting in the OpenVPN server to no avail

I am running a PIA_VPN client 24/7 on the pfsense box, is it possible that the PIA_VPN is doing this?

Im at a loss here and dont know where to go from here, all i want is a single VPN server on pfsense to connect to so i can look at a camera system.

The whole reason i got a pfsense box is because i kept having someone in Mother Russia connecting to random cameras.
Just want everything NOT port forwarded like it is now and have the OpenVPN as my only connection.

We all know how easy these IP cameras are to hack.

PWEASE HALP!!! Ill dance at your next wedding!!

After formatting the drive and starting over with a clean hard drive,
for some odd reason it now works.
Same settings, same ports, same subnets etc…

I have no clue as to what was causing this but doing a zero fill of the drive somehow fixed it.

Any thoughts/ideas as of to why?

Not really sure. I had a lot of issues with no resolutions on setting up OpenVPN on PfSense. I switched to using Untangle and in less than 5 minutes I had a trouble free VPN setup.