pfSense and Multiple IPs


I am getting 6 Ip’s from my ISP.

I know how to add them into pfSense as Virtual IP’s and get NAT working etc but is there a way to use them as WAN2, WAN3 etc in Firewall Rules such as you can with WAN…? is it a case of assign another interface to WAN and then set that Interface to static IP?

Would that work?


As an example if I assign another Interface to WAN (Same NIC) and call that WAN2 then go into the interface and set that as IPV4 Static > Set that to second IP from provider… would that cause me any issue? even though they are already assigned in Virtual IP?


I would say try it, but from my experience with other firewalls, they don’t allow overlapping subnets to be assigned to interfaces. That makes sense because you would create asymmetric flows when traffic comes in WAN2, but you have a default route set to use WAN1.

Nope doesnt work lol.

I am sure there usd to be a way to do it but cant remember.