pfSense and Gaming

I remembered watching this video months ago about the struggle this person had to use pfSense to fix his bufferbloat in games, and why he doesn’t recommend it for gamers:

Why I Can’t Recommend PfSense To Fix Bufferbloat For Gamers

What are your thoughts on this video?

The issues are pretty cleared laid out to be related to UPnP / Port Forwarding, which is not working in the same way as on EdgeRouter/USG, UnTangle, and others. In terms of the actual bufferbloat, he doesn’t report any issue, which is pretty clearly because the same FQ_CoDel (sometimes also known as CoDelQ) algorithm is used (on PFSense you have the choice of multiple queue algorithms, whereas on EdgeRouter and USG you either have the default, or “Smart Queues”).

Have you watched the followup video about UnTangle?

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