pfSense and FreePBX

How do you have your pfSense Firewall Optimization setup ?
Normal or Conservative ?
What other setting have you changed in pfSense for FreePBX to work properly ?

  1. We have FreePBX setup so to use NAT so there are NO ports open on the pfsense.
    2)in pfsense, we just have CodelQ


Tom, what you are saying is, By setting NAT like on this photo. I dont have to open SIP and RTP ports on pfSense ? i’m new to FreePBX just want to make sure.

That looks right, watch my video on it to make sure.

Tom. When i disabled my NAT rules to forward 5060 and 10000:20000 to my freepbx. i lost my audio. I had to reenable it to get audio back.

We are using I am not sure if every sip provider supports that config.

understood. thank you.

Last question regarding NAT. You have it set up as NAT 1:1 on your pfsense ?

nope, we do not. As I said, it may not be something that your SIP provider can do. Crosstalk Solutions knows much more about that

Thanks. I watched all Chris’s videos about FreePBX 14 and most of yours.
You are doing great job! Thanks again

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They are most likely using a STUN or TURN server that holds open a port translation started by the FreePBX server.

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