PFsense and Framed Routed Ip Addresses

i have a /29 block of ip addresses assigned to my isp account via a framed route and i want to beable to use them via a vlan and feed them via a spare nic to my proxmox server so the vms in it basically see a outside public interface no nat

with my cisco router all i had to do was make a vlan assign it a ip address etc then assign that vlan to a switchport and boom it just works with pfsense im not having the same ammount of luck

can anyone help

I have a video on how to set the extra IP’s on a WAN, not sure if there are any other settings in Proxmox that would need to be done.

that looks like what im after however a slight caveat

my main isp ip address starts like ill blank the last 3 octets for security

however my /29 ip block is and it complains about the default gateway not being in the same network when i set it up

getting closer but still so far :frowning:



Speak to your ISP and ask them what is your IP address range, if it is then you gateway will be