PfSense - Alias Renaming

Hi totegher,
i’ve done my first walk with an PfSense - in the past ZyXEL USG and Sophos Firewalls.
At pfsense i noticed something that confuses me and please give me feedback.


  • Create an alias object (ports) and add the ports for Google Talk.
  • create a firewall rule to allow communication over these ports to the WAN.
  • change the name of the alias.

afterwards an error appears in PfSence, that a rule with the “old” alias name does not work anymore.
Why is it that when renaming an existing alias object, linked firewall rules are not updated accordingly ?

I’m using pfSense 2.5CE in a lab, before installing pfsense for production mode right now.

thank you in advance for your feedback

There was a bug in 2.5CE related to aliases. When you changed the name of the alias it didn’t update the name of the alias used throughout the system as in prior versions. The bug has been corrected and will be in the next release. Until then you can simply use the “Patch” package to correct this yourself.

Download the Patch package. Then under system run Patches and use the following code:


After the patch is put into the patch package you have to apply it. Up to you if you want to auto apply (so it applies after a restart) or if you want to do manually each time. When the next release is out you can simply delete the patch as it shouldn’t be needed anymore.

The process is real easy and can be reverted if necessary.

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Thanks for your quick response. patch is installed and a test-renameing of an alias was successful without the reported issue. thx for support :+1: