Pfsense 3CX issues

Hello Everyone,

With this work from home fiasco, I have a company that is going to downsize their office and work from home mostly. Currently, they have a hosted PBX through Windstream (trashhh) and I am switching them over to 3CX.

Right now I am having a few issues with what is definitely (I think :grinning:) being caused by the Pfsense router. I have the correct ports forwarded according to the site, I’m able to connect phones/apps. I attached a drawing so you can see what the problem is and why I believe its something in PFsense.

I am not a 3CX user, but they have their documentation here

And pfsense has some here regarding VOIP, but I have not had to use any of it with pfsense.

A guess would be that you need static outbound NAT rules, but that is just a guess.

Thanks @LTS_Tom. ah yes i have seen both those documents. This is the one I mainly followed and it has worked for the most part just this annoying audio issue only with the phone app. I just attached pictures of the nat and ports…I believe it is setup correctly

Mine is on Manual Outbound NAT and mobile client works perfectly. Although i use Asterisk box and not 3CX but i am assuming it would work in similar way. Finetuning it with pfSense might take a while but its rock solid stable.

I was actually able to get it to work by splitting all the ports up instead of doing TCP/UDP on 5060 5061

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