pfSense 23.09 - insecure hash function

Hi all,

So I upgraded to pfsense 23.09 without any issues. However, my certificates for my VPN (AirVPN) were using SHA-1 hash functions hence I noticed that the openVPN client was stopped because of this.

Screenshot from 2023-11-11 10-54-13

I’m guessing that on the VPN’s openVPN server this is the function that controls which hash function is used:

Obviously, I don’t control that.

However, I now have a certificate that I can’t seem to create a revocation list for, as a result I can’t remove this certificate! This might be because it has an external CA, I’m not sure (I am able to create a revocation list for my own openVPN servers).

How can I remove this external cert from pfSense ?