PFsense 23.01 HA with OpenVPN issues (SOLVED)

I have pfsense setup in a typical HA with a /29. I am trying to use the CARP to bind to openvpn server and it looks like it is working because the secondary pfsense box has the openvpn services down which is expected per the documentation

for whatever reason I am unable to connect if I am using the CARP address but if I set it to the WAN address it works fine. What am I missing here?

The socket shows that its bound to the right port but if you test the port it shows as closed.

Alright… After racking my brain I finally figured it out. When setting this up I thought there would be a drop down-list item for the WAN rule to allow the CARP address and ASSUMED that couldn’t be the issue. But it sadly was, so I set a single host entry and set the CARP address and BAM!