Pfsense+ 22.05 - WireGuard Site-to-Site broken after reboot


I gladly upgraded after @LTS_Tom Video. Everything went fine.
On Upgrade the new version of the WireGuard package was installed.

My 3 site-to-site connections all up.

Today I rebooted my pfsense to debug an issue. After the reboot the VPN gateways stayed hidden and the WireGuard service was stopped. Not starting on click. To troubleshoot I reinstalled the package. Everything fine, up and running.
Another reboot to test. Same thing, tunnels offline. Checked in WireGuard Status menu. Handshake to the peers green. Went to Routing an activated the gateways manually. All up and online. A few seconds later the WireGuard service starts (on it’s own) and turns green.

Anybody else?
Did not find anything on google or netgate.

Thanks, Sebastian

Reinstalled CE 2.6.0 from scratch.
Backup upload. All tunnels up, no problems at all.
Upgrade to 22.01 in the package manager
After the reboot all tunnels up.
Another reboot just to make sure, all up
Update to 22.05
All tunnels up, WireGuard service red X
reinstall WireGuard service, all green
Wireguard service red X, all Gateways hidden, in the wireguard status Handshake green.

Found this:

New ticket:

This bug was marked as resolved and if you are running the latest Wireguard it should be fixed.

I know.
The problem is new to me on 22.05 and 2.7.0
Never had it on 22.01 or 2.6.0