PFsense 2.7 Google Fibre IPv6

Thank you for adding me to the forums!

I have been on Google Fibre for a couple of years, and have been running PFsense SE for 10+ years.

I have not been able to get Google Fibre to connect with IPV6 under PFsense 2.6 and now the same with 2.7. There is nothing new when I search for other’s experience, and what I can find doesn’t work.

Does anyone here have experience in getting IPV6 working with PFsense?

The status I get is:

GOOGLE_FIBRE_DHCP6 Pending Pending Pending Unknown

Under Interfaces I have IPv6 Configuration Type set to DHCP6
I have these options set:
DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation size 56

Send IPv6 prefix hint - on

Do not wait for a RA - on

I have nothing set under Advanced DHCP6 Client Configuration

The DHCPv6 server on interface LAN is enabled

Thank you for any advice or hints!

Cheers, Liam

Might have some luck looking at the docs for this setup.

I have this working:

Thanks. Do you have anything configured under Advanced DHCP6 Client Configuration? Just setting those 2 options still doesn’t net me any IPv6 addresses.

No additional options, check your dhclient logs to see what’s going on, see if any error is there.

pretty sure responding to this question jinx me, but seems like we’re not alone. Can pull the /128 on the WAN and a /64 on LAN subnets, but nothing routes.

The only way I was able to get an IPv6 was setting my LAN IPv6 Configuration Type to Track Interface (not DHCP6) and then at the Track IPv6 Interface section select your WAN.

Thanks @rtorres , I’ll try that later today

okay, I figured this out, if your on 2gb or higher, you’ll need to email with your service address, they push some sort of firmware update and that fixes the IPv6.

Note, this is if you’re getting IPs properly, but getting no routing upstream. There’s a few reddit threads on this also.

I am not getting any IPv6 ips on my PFsense box :frowning: