Pfsense 2.52 and WireGuard for Cloud VPN

Hello All - I have remained on pfsense 2.4.5 p1 up until now due to all the turbulence regarding stability and Wireguard. I now want to “roll my own” Cloud VPN and am very curious about the stability of 2.52 as well as Wireguard. I have watched Tom’s earlier excellent videos on some of these topics. I would appreciate any thoughts and advice and pointers to tutorials on pfsense - Implementing VPN using wireguard.

  1. What’s 2.5.2 stability like - should I upgrade my home network?

  2. Does anyone have direct experience with the “experimental” WG package on 2.5.2.

  3. VPNs ugh! have been researching all of them and its hard to trust any - thoughts?

Thank you in advance!

Been on 2.5.2 for a while now and haven’t noticed any issues myself.

Don’t have any immediate plans to use wireguard, have several OpenVPN clients and servers, once configured and running it just works.

AirVPN have been around for a while and I’ve been using them for around 7 years, they don’t sponsor youtube videos, have a sound ethos and their servers tend to run the latest versions of OpenVPN. I’ve also seen they don’t / won’t use wireguard for various reasons.

I don’t really have any reason to trust any of the VPN companies and unless you are torrenting. getting around region locks, or maybe using some public WiFi I don’t really see a good use case for them.