Pfsense 2.5 update experience

I updated a couple of home routers to 2.5 and figured after a couple weeks everything seemed fine. Now I updated a few businesses and 2 of the 3 have very regular DNS resolver crashes. I’m now finding that pfsense doesn’t act fast at all with known bugs that impact people daily. 2.5 is supposed to fix a race condition that impacts my WAN failover (2 years for them to fix it) but now I can’t update to it because it’s worse to have DNS lookups go down than to have WAN stuck on a slow backup connection. You had a video warning about updating Ubiquiti controllers but it would be nice to hear your experience with 2.5 and maybe even another video about quickly rolling back if pfsense doesn’t thoroughly test their updates.

I have been looking at the issues as we do the upgrades and working on a video but for the DNS you can solve that using the Service Watchdog which will auto restart DNS if it fails.