pfSense 2.5 and AES-NI

First off, thank you to Lawrence Technology Services for the excellent YouTube content and taking the time to create and share your wealth of knowledge.

I’m curious to hear what you would suggest to those of us currently running pfSense Community Edition at home on a CPU that doesn’t support AES-NI. I have a Protectli Vault Pro with an Intel Bay Trail-D J1900 processor and just stumbled upon the AES-NI changes coming with with pfSense 2.5. Would you install a different firewall (i.e. Untangle at Home) or update your hardware? I invested $360 in the Protectli two years ago and would like to get some more miles out of it. Thanks.

I thought I saw, but I didn’t look closely into it, that 2.5 would no longer require AES-NI.


Just loaded to pfsense 2.5 Development Snapshots…

i did try to upgrade from version 2.4.4 p2… it just broke and was throwing all kinds of errors… it was mainly php errors…as its been updated to php7.3…
oh…boy needed the whole install to 2.5… but config.xml…loaded fine and all the packages downloaded and working well… just working fine for the last 12 hrs…

No AES-NI needed…hurray… my old box can live a little longer

I have been running pfsense since version 2.3 on this little modded… Dell thin client with AMD G T-56N dual core CPU with 4GB RAM, 16GB SSD, running, snort, suricata, pfblockerng… without a problem.

please…back up you config… backup …back up…back up…

Hey Lawrance… please comment.


Read their blog posts. AES-NI is no longer a requirement

Thanks for confirming!