pfSense 2.4.4 Restore

We have a pfSense 2.4.4CE that we want to upgrade to the latest 21.02_1. My question is this. IF things go wrong or don’t function properly, will the restore from Backup do the OS also? If not, how could we get back to the 2.4.4CE to then do the restore?

This of course is productions with HA being heavily used.

The XML file backup is just the settings. If you load a new version and it does not work out for you, then you will have to reload the system.

@LTS_Tom Thank you so much for the fast response. That is what I was thinking was going to be the case. Do you by chance know where I might get my hands on a 2.4.4CE installation? Appears Netgate doesn’t allow you to go that far back.

I always move forward on versions as I never need the old ones so I am not sure where to find it.

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A quick Google search yielded this: pfsense-ce-release-amd64_202112 directory listing
Since this is NOT an official archive by Netgate, do be sure to verify the integrity of these files using the hash files provided on the Netgate website:

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Nothing worse than an upgrade breaking everything. I’ve been there and only use pfSense as a VM since I can take a complete snapshot prior to upgrades. It’s smart to have a copy of the firmware prior in case you have to rebuild.

Thank you both. I appreciate the assistance. In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to worry about going back. But seeing how all production runs via this pfSense. I kinda have to plan for everything.

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burn it to DVD prior to install, put it in the binder and slide it under the cabinet leaving dust marks on the floor.

I have a DVD of pfSense v2.4.4v3 if that works for you. Let me know.