PFSence HAProxy forbid /admin directory


I am new to the PFSence world, until now my proxy was a nignx docker on the server.
Now I switched to HAProxy on the PFSence, this gives advantages for the internal and external frontend.
My question is how do I forbid the subdirectory /admin from my Vaultwarden to the external frontend?

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Welcome to the forums, that is not something I have tried setting up and if no one here has any suggestions you might want to look in the official Netgate forums for an answer.

Adding the following to the ACL and Actions sections should do the trick…

Default backend, access control lists and actions

Access Control lists:

Name Expression Expression CS Not Value Actions
deny_admin_subfolder Path regex: no no /admin


Action Parameters Conditional acl names Actions
http-request-deny See below deny_admin_subfolder


Thanks for the info, that’s how it works.