PfblockerNG working Intermittently

Hi, Everyone.

May I ask your help, I am new with PFBlockerNG. Currently I enabled PFBlocker for the thhe use DNSBL. I followed Tom’s guide to block unwanted Outbound traffic. Here is my initial config:

  1. I multiple VLANS, I have allowed any IP address to reach port 53/udp of the local network of each VLAN and on each VLAN I have configured to block port 53/udp from LAN to any

  2. I have configured pfsense DHCP server to server as DNS on each VLAN

  3. In PFBlocker, enable it and use the Virtual IP address, enable Permit Firewall Rules and select all my interface.

After my initial configuration it will work and then suddenly it will stop resolving names, I tested this by going nslookup and it will say DNS request timed out.

If its working I will be able to perform nslookup without any error message.

Hope you can help me.

I think the issue is now addressed, I should have placed the the router interface IP address for each VLAN as the DNS server instead of the VIP.