pfBlockerNG not blocking pornhub


Installed pfBlocker-Dev enabled the Shalalist Porn list as well as the entire UT1 list but if I try and access, it resloves. Surely the largest porn site on the net should blocked with just those 2 categories?

Are you sure your PC is using pfsense for DNS queries? Typically this is the LAN address (ex.

Hi there.

Thanks for the reply.

The PC is definately using PF as the default DNS

I thought that the shallist isn’t accessible due to the war in Ukraine. Have you checked the logs to see if those lists are actually being downloaded?

You might want to double check your config. Tom has some good videos on this topic

Tutorial: pfsense and pfBlockerNG Version 3 - YouTube

clear your webcache and try again. Try your cellphone on the pfsense network or another computer.
Ahh Pornhub = Allow :slight_smile:

Shallalist shut its doors awhile ago. Nobody was maintaining it.
There are other url blacklists available besides UT1 for blocking pron.