pfBlockerNG MaxMind Registration required to continue to use the GeoIP


Yea I just saw this information on the netgate forums. Registered. Hopefully I don’t get flooded with spam.

Thanks for the info @LTS_Tom. I followed the instructions to obtain a maxmind key, updated the data in pfSense then experimented with enabling just Top_Spammers. What I observed is that it blocked access to and apt updates no matter which Deny In/Out/Both settings I used. So I just disabled the GeoIP until I can sort out later. That’s not why I am posting. I wasn’t using GeoIP before, but thought I’d look at it.

What is happening now (probably not related to above) is that DNSBL has begun blocking my access to github. Of course, I can get around by adding github to DNSBL whitelist, but I’m not sure why I’m suddenly seeing DNSBL blocking github. Appreciate any suggestions from the community.

After further investigation I discovered that it’s caused by this list I am using:

which contains the entry

when I disable this list (without whitelisting github) it works.

Need to read more into this, but for now. Problem solved by disabling the above list.