pfBlockerNG -- list processing & custom feed?


I’ve been using and generally very happy with the DNS/IP filtering provided pfBlockerNG. I’ve noticed a few hosts/domains that slip through, and had a few questions about inner-workings in hopes someone here could shed some light.

The domains in question are listed in the EasyList collection, as ||<domain>^$third-party. Does the feed processor within pfBlockerNG parse the AdBlock syntax sufficiently to include as a blocked zone? Experience suggests not, as I can dig <domain> and get the Internet’s answer (as opposed to my pfBlockerNG-configured IP).

Is there a way to improve the parse, or is there a more effective way of blocking these domains? I don’t mind building my own feed with more explicit syntax if that’s the best path (I’d be interested in pointers to documentation for proper implementation)…

I went looking for the pfBlockerNG source to try to run these ideas down myself; I’ve only found BBcan177’s github repo from 2018 – where is the current code held?

Thanks as always!


I am not sure, that might be best asked in their forum

Will do; thanks as always!