Pfblockerng intermittent errors on certain sites and Netflix

After following the pfblockerng setup guide and successfully avoiding a lot of ads on various sites, I’m unfortunately experiencing some issues with certain pages loading.

It’s not consistent, so it’s not a total block of a page, but maybe every fifth time I visit a certain page, it won’t load the page or articles on the page. If I switch to a cellular network, the page loads instantly.

In addition, I often experience lacking on Netflix. The movies themselves play just fine, but titles and details about the movies can take a long time to load.

Is there anything I can do about this or is this normal?

I don’t get many plus points with my girlfriend when the internet is slow after spending a lot of money on equipment. :sweat_smile:

You’ll have to monitor the reports in pfblockerng to find which domain or IP is being blocked. That is just part of the cat and mouse game you’ll have to play with services like this.