pfBlockerNG GeoIP Override/Whitelist

How to allow blocked country hosts on a whitelist Alias. Have created and an Alias and updated under WAN rules but no luck. Any thoughts on this?

See this thread, the answer is at the bottom

I dont think so . Let say “Malaysia” is in the country list and but we want one IP to be whitelisted.

Also i see an Dashboard error There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:38: cannot define table . Then increased Firewall Maximum States . Still no change

Not sure about the error message, try the pfsense forums for help with that.

You most likely need to increae the Firewall maximum Table Entries Size. system.Advanced>firewall & nat. The default value should be 400000

increased firewall maximum Table Entries fixed the error. Thank you
Still can’t figure out the IP to be whitelisting

Look at Tom’s first post he has a link there to a video he did that will so you how to fix the issue, its all about order of operations.


Let me see if I remember go into pfblocker, under IPV4 > IPV4 custom list would be your Whitelist.

Worked !! Thank you …