Pfblockerng dnsbl unknown user defined feeds

Hello all, I noticed a legit website being blocked so I started to dig into my pfblocker setup- turned out to be the pfB_PRI1_v4 feed (pfblocker IP not dnsbl).

Buuuuut, while in there I noticed in the logs some DNSBL activity from a feed “Cameleon”. I saw it blocking an API I actually didn’t want blocked/dropped/blackholed. So I wend to feeds to disable it and I can’t. Its at the bottom of feeds found with a number of other feeds in an “Unknown user defined Feeds” panel- there are no controls to disable or delete them. Maybe a reelect from an older pfblocker install?

How can I go about purging these lists out? I imagine somewhere in an SSH session there is a path I can nuke?

I think I might have found the path, some of the files here are in this unknown user defined feeds, but not all of them. I don’t want to rm -rf without knowing more.

This would probably be better answered in their forum

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I found that I cannot create a thread there- not sure if its my highly un-used account, lack of comment karma, reddit going full swing “you must link all social media give us all your data” or whatever.

Copied this over to their forum. I really hope I don’t get back, “deselect save settings” and nuke from orbit response. Seems like there must someplace these files are that the WebGUI is parsing the list from- selectively delete them and that panel should go away or be empty…