pfBlockerNG DNSBL_Malicious feed download fail

Hello All,

Has anyone had any problem with pfBlockerNG DNSBL_Malicious_MDS and DNSBL_Malicious_MDS_Immortal feeds download fail lately? Mine did it since morning.


That discussion is better served in their forums

We have merged AutoShun and Malware Domains, and have integrated those technologies into ShadowNet. Through ShadowNet we are able to identify the latest threat intel gathered from around the globe, share learnings and best practices from our network of clients and partners and continually build those learnings into our products, resulting in the best, most powerful threat intel for your organization.
As of November 30th, 2020, both AutoShun and Malware Domains feeds will be shut off, and subscribers will no longer receive intel from those sources.

Thanks Tom. I went there and got some more info.

Thanks for sharing Lockon_Stratos.