Pfblockerng causing browser security alert

Hi, new to pfsense and need help! had pfblockerng-devel successfully blocking sites. But users are complaining that google ads and other sites are getting security alerts. Firefox indicates that google services encountered an HSTS error and cannot connect. Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Check the logs to see what is getting blocked. But you will probably have to turn down the blocking because like most people who first start out using it, you are blocking too many things.

Thanks, I will take a look at that. Also, the exact Firefox warning I get is:
Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for


From what I’m reading and I may be wrong, I often am! lol - the browser doesn’t like the self signed cert. Must the self signed cert be installed on the local machines for this to work properly?

if the site was HTTPS and pfblocker blocks that site, you will get a certificate error because it will give the E = instead of the site that blocked it. There is not really any easy work around for that.

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Thanks Tom, the default list was indeed blocking googleservices sites. Thanks for helping!