pfBlocker-NG devel and floating rules: To float or not to float?

Hi everyone,

I have reviewed several pfBlocker-NG setups on YouTube and other sites, including Tom’s videos, and wanted to get your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations on whether you prefer setting up floating rules up or not with this pfSense package or not.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on the use case. Do you think it will solve an issue that you are running into? In a typical setup floating rules aren’t used IMO.

No, I don’t have a particular use case for them. It is how I have always set them after watching a pfBlocker video, can’t recall which one.

The development package is no longer necessary unless you have a special use case as the mainstream version has been updated to the latest in pfSense. Regardless of version, the floating vs not is a preference. Floating keeps your screen clean, but allows for less customization.