pfBlocker - How to find one site

I have pfBlocker installed and working on my home network. There is one site I need to access yet part of it is blocked. I believe it is in pfBlocker. How can I find where this site is so I can unblock it? I don’t have the ip. only the url.


Are you blocking via DNS or IP? It may be that the website is refusing to load without what is being blocked so fire up Wireshark. What about your block list are they up to date and some are slow to refresh their content.

You should be able whitelist the site/URL in Firewall/pfBlockerNG/DNSBL and scroll down to DNSBL whitelist. You should see some examples there, but if not, the help for that field is very useful. As long as the part that is blocked is part of that domain, this should work.

If it is blocked, you will be able to see it in the logs at Status/System Logs/Firewall.