pfBlocker 3.0 DNSBL logs only 1 network/VLAN

Hi All,

Just installed pfBlocker re Tom’s video and while it is working great if have a small issue.

In comparison to v2.4 I now decided to also start using DNSBL. It works, but the strange thing is that I only see logs (in the alert tap and the logs itself) from 1 network/VLAN. Even stranger is that dns blocking is functional on the other networks as well but I don’t see a log. Any clue what to adjust?

Ok to answer my own question (sort of); I have added another set of quick floating rules that allow any host (TCP/UDP) on any vlan to access the DNSBL web server that is hosted on ‘localhost’ over port 80 and 443.

Note that the pfBlocker GUI gives you the option to make this floating rule for you automatically. The problem is that it uses the ports that you entered in the GUI. In my case 9081 and 9443. But that does not work.

I guess this is either a bug in pfBlocker or some other issue.

Anybody a clue?