Pf-Sense with Unifi switches and equipment

HI, I am kinda a noob here running Pf Sense with Unifi network gear. I have a Pf-sense router I built with a four port NIC installed…(I have one port for WAN, one for LAN, the other two ports setup as additional interface ports (OPT 1,OPT 2) with their own separate IP addresses).

I was just wondering if its possible if I could run separate networks with Unifi hardware on the two seperate interface ports running with only one Unifi controller on the main LAN port through the “main” PF sense router machine or do I need a Unifi controller on each network running.

Or, should I go with the VLAN route on the main LAN port and run the separate IP addresses that way.

Again, I was just wondering if such configuration was possible as the first configuration seem easier to setup than setting up VLANs on PF sense as I am just still “tinkering” around with Pf Sense.

Just FYI, I do know how to do this with VLANs with the Unifi USGs, but again still a noob with Pf Sense. Thanks

Setting up sub-interfaces on the firewall is pretty straightforward. Since I virtualize pfSense this means I don’t have to deal with the virtual port count limit for a VM. It will make adding networks in the future easier as well.

Yes, you can do it with one controller. As long as the Unifi devices can reach their inform address the controller can be anywhere.