PF SENSE Transparent Bridge Dual Network


I have a WAN DHCP connection plugged into port 1 on the pf sense with Vlan 4090. On my Lan Port (#2) on the pfsense, I have assigned it an static IP address with vlan 999. Port 2 from the pf sense will be plugged into the backup router which is on the internal local network (172.34.x.x). This router is part of our internal scada ring as shown in the attached document. The goal is for the customer to access a devices downstream of the routers that have 192.168.0.x ips only. I tried setting up transparent bridge on port 1 and port 2 (Wan and Lan) and applied the rules to the bridge to allow access to only those devices but this feature isn’t working for me.

Any help will be appreciated. just need to know if this possible with the device that I have currently have and if it is what have I missed.


The Device is Negate XF-7100

Port 2 router? you mean pfsense?, I am sorry but I am pretty confused about your setup.

port 2 on the pf-sense device.