PF Sense Behind Router, Site to Site VPN

Hello, trying to figure out if pfsense is the best option for me. I’ve looked up videos and multiple posts and I’m still lost. What I would like to do is setup pfsense behind my archer router, wan port id connect to a port on my router and then lan port to my hp server nic2, nic 1 will be connect to my cisco switch. I am looking to setup a tunnel or vpn so i can transfer data from my house to my parents house where a remote server will be. I will be setting up with the same configuration at my parents house. Is this possible if so how would I go about doing this? is this the best possible way for sending data? any help is appreciated, pic below for reference.

You can build your setup, it’s a double NAT so you can use static routes to route the traffic. Then forward your ports on the Archer.

Though it’d be easier to just use your PfSense box as your router.

Or just install OpenVPN on your HP without the pfSense box.

Or just buy a raspberry pi and install OpenVPN on it.

There are lots of videos on setting up Pfsense with OpenVPN site to site.

If you are thinking of using pfsense just for OpenVPN it’s an overkill.

Yes setting up openvpn between 2 servers is easy that’s still software vpn, I’m thinking using hardware would be better and would have hardware acceleration. I’ll be essentially syncing deltas or transferring gbs worth of data to my parents house, from experience software vpns aren’t as reliable as hardware.

Lmk your thoughts, and thank you.

Anyone have any other suggestions?