PF Sense and Netgear prosafe 24 gig switch wont tu

The above will not turn on. I just returned from vacation and we had a 5 day power outage. Now I have no internet no wifi. Servers booted up, charter says we have internet but I cannot get the Netgear or PF Sense to boot. Checked the power cord on the switch on another device. Worked fine. My husband did this amazing rack and he has passed. I cannot get a server to show up first before I left and now I returned to this mess. Could someone help me. I helped him build this rack and computers he had me build. I have a spreadsheet of the parts I believe. House is all hardwired. Linux and windows. 3 computers. We used Plex. Roon. I feel lost. Stuck. St Louis.

I’d guess your power bricks are blown. Try and replace them if you can, then test it.

Some Netgear switches come with lifetime warranty, contact them and ask if yours is covered, they will then send out a replacement if it is.

Ok thank you. Your saying on both the PF Sense and the switch? Does the PF Sense power the switch?

Really appreciate your help. Wish some local could help. I’m trying.

The two are most likely powered independently, the easiest thing to check is the power bricks if these are changed they might power up the units. If not then the units are failed and need to be replaced.

Ok thank you. I thought the switch was POE. but will try this tonight!

Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband :pensive:.

Are you able to confirm that the wall sockets or the sockets on the PDU are working? Have you tried leaving them unplugged for a while then trying again?

Sounds like you had a power surge as well as a power cut. Maybe best to invest in some surge protection.