Perfex Crm ? feedback

hello guys, i was looking for some opensource (free) crm to manage my business ( tried: suitecrm, x2crm, vtiger, espocrm and so) however they all lack of certain things, then i came accross of Perfex crm Demo which looks great, wondering if anyone here has some experience with it. it has addons you can buy like Asset Management and so. i though i have to share this here. Later

I’m looking for something as well but haven’t made a decision yet. Did you also see these two open source options?

  1. ERPNext
  1. Dolibarr

@ITechnify & @AndrewBucklin - I don’t have experience with the CRMs you’ve both mentioned but just have a few questions because I’m curious.

  • Why are you looking to switch?
  • What have you already tried or currently using?
  • What are/is the common issue you have with your current CRM.
  • What is something you’re looking for in a CRM?

Sorry for the delay; everyone is back to work now and things have gotten busy again! :grimacing:

  • Right now I’m just using an old version of QuickBooks. It does the job, but it can’t automatically email invoices, automatically apply late fees / finance charges, automatically collect online payments via credit card or ACH, and it doesn’t manage my MSP contracts with clients like some of the alternatives that I’m looking at will do.

  • Haven’t tried anything yet; I’m in the very early stages or researching what open source and self-hosted products are available. I am currently only using an old version of QuickBooks as stated above.

  • I don’t have a current CRM. Just a ticketing system (Zammad). Not sure I need a full fledged CRM like SalesForce but if it’s integrated into the platform I use for accounting, invoicing, payment collection, etc. then maybe I could start benefiting from properly using a CRM.

  • See answer in first bullet above. In addition to that, I’d really like something that has an eCommerce component or integration. In addition to MSP services and contracts with clients, I also do some development on the side and sell products on my website. I also have some integrations with third party vendors like Anveo and people can “fund” their Anveo account (under my Reseller account) from my website. Right now all of those payments are NOT captured within QuickBooks and must be entered manually, so that income is tracked. I need to automate all of that into a single product / platform. I don’t have time to keep doing stuff like that manually. Finally, it needs the ability to track income and expenses (with ability to export or at least provide a report that I can use when it comes time to file my Schedule C). Lastly, I like how some of these include a project management component. Right now all my projects (like on boarding a client or standing up equipment for a new field office for a client) is handled via a ticket; It would be much better to handle that using a “project” and give the client some sort of restricted access to that platform; ideally within the same system they use for seeing and paying their invoices. Some of the platforms I found also have that feature too!

Thank you for your reply @AndrewBucklin and good luck. Again, I have no experience with the ones mentioned in this post and only have experience with Salesforce. The little bit I have looked into the options mentioned here are very feature-rich I feel for being open source.

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hey guys, sorry late reply, (busy).
@AndrewBucklin i looked at those solutions, erpnext looks good to me. in the other hand Dolibarr not so much.
@AndrewBucklin pretty much all my support is going through email. currently looking at hesk for support ticket . for accounting i use quickbooks (not so happy wit it). now in terms what i am looking for a CRM is pretty much the same reply Andrewbucklin.

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I have used both personally and we help businesses implement ERP all of time. The two most popular systems are ERPNext and Odoo.

We use erpnext for our business and use this addon for it.

Best of luck