Penetration Testing Outline and Resources

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Defining A Red Team Pen Test and How To Prepare For One

Penetration Testing Outline

  1. Project Planning and Scoping

    • Define the scope of the penetration test.
    • Define the rules of engagement and any potential legal boundaries. (internal, external, employee interactions)
    • Develop a project timeline.
  2. Information Gathering

    • Research the client and the systems to be tested based on documentation client provided.
    • Use tools and techniques to collect data about the network (IP addresses, domain names, etc.).
  3. Threat Modeling

    • Identify potential threats based on the collected information.
    • Determine possible attack vectors and vulnerabilities.
  4. Vulnerability Analysis

    • Use automated tools to scan for known vulnerabilities.
    • Manually review network configuration, web applications, and system setup for potential weaknesses.
    • Review any existing security controls and policies.
  5. Exploitation

    • Exploit identified vulnerabilities to gain access.
    • Attempt to escalate privileges and further penetrate the network.
  6. Post-Exploitation

    • Determine the potential impact of the exploit.
    • Attempt to maintain access and establish persistence.
    • Explore the network for additional targets.
  7. Reporting

    • Document all findings, actions, and outcomes.
    • Create a comprehensive report detailing vulnerabilities found, data accessed, systems compromised, and the potential impact.
    • Provide specific, actionable recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities.
  8. Clean-up

    • Remove all artifacts of the penetration test from the systems.
    • Return any altered configurations or settings to their original state.
  9. Retest

    • After all remediations have been applied by the client, retest the systems to verify that the vulnerabilities have been effectively mitigated.

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