Peer to peer vpn (both pfsense units) with split tunnel?

I have in the past created a few peer to peer tunnels using up to 4 sg1100 units and it works great (thank you again Tom), it was to connect iot devices so no problem. I want to create a peer to peer vpn to my moms home (already purchased a mini pc with a celeron j1900 and loaded 2.5.2 on it) to allow her to access my plex server in my Synology NAS and possibly install an OpenMediaVault instance in her home to backup my NAS units to a remote location.

I have created the peer to peer connection but I have no way of telling my sg1100 (at home) to only allow certain traffic to the local network (ie my Synology) from the pfsense (j1900 at my moms) to certain ip/resources. I know I can do it with individual openvpn clients but I do not see the setting in the peer to peer network. I think I could use the advance options > custom configurations to specify certain reources /ip addresses but that would help if I could tell my sg1100 not to let traffic from the j1900 to come locally with the exception to the traffic coming to my NAS(Plex). Any tips on how to allow that or do I do it on the firewall rules?

You need to setup policy routing to tell the packers where to go.

Thank you for the fast response. I will make an attempt Thursday to see if i can get it to work.

Thanks again.

You could also put the NAS on a different VLAN and only route that vlan across the VPN.