Patreon no adverts feature

Hi @LTS_Tom ,

Only a thought about this recent video of yours

At around 45mins.

I’ve found that patreon seems to remove adverts when you view the youtube video embedded within the patreon website. I could be wrong, and do have premium, but even before having premium I recall seeing a lack of adverts.

Only a thought.

YouTube controls the ads in the video, even when it’s embedded.

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I view Youtube in Firefox, with adblockers and don’t see any ads on my laptop.

I use Brave on Android and that also blocks YT ads.

Wasn’t possible to block ads on the YT app.

Also running pfBlocker that might have an effect but I’m not too sure.

Oh, fair enough, I wonder why I never get adverts when I watch a YouTube video through the patreon website, strange.