Patch Panel & Punch Down Tool

Hi All.

I’ve recently purchased a rack cabinet for my new build (currently being put on hold) in which I’ve had 60 runs of cat 6 put in.
I will require to punch down on to patch panel and wall jacks.
The cabinet came with 5 24 port cat5 patch panels.
Could I use them or would I be better off going down getting a cat6 patch panel/keystones?
Also for the punch down I have a cheap punch down tool that I’ve got in a little set. Wondering if theres any recommendations for a decent punch down tool.

You would be much better off getting the Cat6 panel and keystones. Don’t even think it is possible to do cat6 to a cat5 panel.

Punchdown tool on amazon

Go modular with keystones as it is much more manageable.

We have a review of some of our tools here:

Very true Tom. Very true.

If you can find the older version of this one, it works great. The difference from the Klein and most others is this one has a wire pick and a small blade that flip out from the handle. That thing is so handy. The other difference is that up close to the blade is a button that lets you choose to impact or lock the blade. If you ever have to punch down a jack and the jack has to be placed on drywall, you don’t want to use the impact because it will dent the drywall. If you push the button, you can push down as hard as you need to to terminate the cable without the impact denting the drywall. It’s small stuff, but worth the $25 over a cheap tool.

How much more time does it take you to do the individual keystones vs 24/48 port patch panels? I’ve never done one, but can see it has the potential for a cleaner install.

I can usually do a keystone patch panel about twice as fast as a punch down patch panel. I would highly recommend checking out Vertical Cable and their I-Punch tool. It makes terminating a keystone a breeze.

Get one of these for punching down the keystone jacks, makes the job so much easier.

I have Paladin stuff, now owned by Greenlee, works fine for everything I’ve had to do.

Thanks for all the help.
ive currently got on order:
AVESON Punch Down Impact Tool with Two Blades - 110 and BK Network Wire Cable Cat6/Cat5e Telephone Impact Terminal Insertion Tools & Extra Network Wire Stripper
Ive already got this:
Ethernet Kit Network - RJ45 RJ11 Ethernet Cable Hand Crimper Network Tester Tool Set Punch Down Impact
But i find the cutting can be temperamental.
With the lockdown here in the UK im in no rush to purchase anthing due to not able to and the fact my new house wont be ready for a while now.