Patch Management Solutions

Looking for some suggestions/recommendations for a budget Patch Management solutions for a 150-200 environment. Cost is a major concern, as there is minimal budget. Primarily a Windows environment. Mainly looking for something that can house and push out patches, and possibly do some remote management if that doesn’t increase the cost.

Thanks in advance!

Not really clear on your ask, you are looking for someone to manage the patching or a tool such as WSUS to cache the patches?

Sorry for the confusion. I am looking for a tool recommendation currently. Didn’t know if there were any suggested/recommended tools such as WSUS that came more highly recommended. I know there are a couple out there, just looking at my options.

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Bradley Lemon

I believe Connectwise Automate would satisfy all your needs. It handles patch management for MS as well as many 3rd party apps and allows for control on your devices.

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You could take a look at Solarwinds RMM thats what we use, has a free trial option.

Desktop Central is great for a Windows Environment you get up to 25 free. And for the number you said should be very cost effective. Used it for a while and the reporting and control is great.

I second the Connectwise Automate suggestion. They are a RMM tool that does patch management, remoting through Connectwise Control (included), and has the added benefits of scripting automation and monitoring. Have it deployed in a similar environment with good results so far. Not sure on the cost comparison with the others.

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You need to be careful with this. While for home use Patchmypc is perfectly legal, in a business environment it is not according to their licensing agreement. In order to use in an enterprise environment you’d be required to use SCCM.

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Ive been using Patch Manager Plus for a few months and its been great so far.

I would probably use WSUS or SCCM for a windows environment since you can contain it to your own environment. If there are aspects of the application that run in the cloud you lose some control and over sight.

When it comes to IT, cost always seems to be a concern :stuck_out_tongue:

Look at the cost, downtime, stress etc if you were breached via a lack of patch security via automation. That cost is prob 10,000x more than a decent patch management solution.

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WSUS is a terrible resource hog and database management is a nightmare. I hate dealing with it and am moving away - doing trials now. I’d recommend steering clear of WSUS.

If using SQL, DB mgmt is easy, but I hear what you are saying. There are better solutions.

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Been using Desktop Central for almost 10yrs love it. And free for small environments.

OptiTune is a good tool