Patch cable color codes

i have searched and not really able to find anything definite, is there a standard for patch cable color code, for example blue-computers, yellow-wan, purple-ip cams, red-servers, etc… basically what i have been told is make up my own and stick with it, which sounds logical, but if there is a standard i would rather use it… so far i have just been using what i have on hand with no rhyme or reason, but i do have everything documented which i guess is the main thing…

I use yellow for computers, red for routers, and orange for POE in my home lab. At work I buy whatever color I can get, and right now getting cable can be difficult!

I’ve seen blue for desktops and white for cameras here at work.

Thanks!! here is what i have come up with so far,and may be changed or updated:

Blue Computers/printers
Purple Cameras
RED NAS/Server
Yellow WAN

The best color code system is the one that works for you and that you’ll remember.

I’ve worked at places where they color code by function (blue = access devices, white = wireless APs, orange = security cameras). I’ve also worked places where they color code based on cable length (gray = 3’, blue = 5’, orange = 7’, yellow = 20’, etc.) so it’s easy to look at any existing cable in a server/network rack or that’s connecting a computer in an office and know what to replace it with, or what the next length longer or shorter is easily.