Password Managers: KeePassXC VS Bitwarden [YouTube Release]

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KeePassXC - Cross-Platform Password Manager

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:stopwatch: Time Stamps :stopwatch:
00:00 :arrow_forward: KeePassXC VS Bitwarden
00:40 :arrow_forward: Security
00:57 :arrow_forward: Browser Integration
01:01 :arrow_forward: Desktop APPS
02:37 :arrow_forward: TOTP
03:38 :arrow_forward: Bitwarden Send
04:02 :arrow_forward: Bitwarden Enterprise
04:30 :arrow_forward: KeePassXC Homelab

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I used to use Keepass, and then KeepasXC but the big shift for me was when I got married and needed to have a effective password manager that multiple people could use. For that reason I went with Bitwarden quite some time ago and even though I self host many things, I pay Bitwarden to host my passwords. All the wife needs to know now is an email and password and can access any password for our family from any device she needs to.

Manually configuring a password manager on each device that other family members use is not something I’m willing to be responsible for.