Pass through RJ45 crimpers and normal connectors?

Here is a stupid question because I never use pass through connectors:

Can I crimp “normal” connectors with a pass through style crimper?

I’m looking at something like this tool

I see it has both the strain relief crimp (cat5 and cat6) and non-strain relief crimp (cat7, cat8?, and maybe 6a), as well as being a pass through style. I’ve mostly been using my old Paladin crimp frame and dies, but want a compact crimper I can leave in the bag with my cable tester. Also going to look for a compact 110 punch (spring and cut preferred) so suggestions there would be welcome. I have an Ideal punch, but again want something smaller that will all fit in with my tester.

I use a IDEAL RJ45 FT-45, and their cat6 ends. I only keep this in my bag and it does both pass through and 2 part cat6 ends both with and without boots.