P2V Migration into XCP-ng LVM

Hey everyone,

I recently started working with a company that uses a lot of XCP-ng servers for themselves and their customers. Generally this has worked great and I have very few issues. However, some customers have older physical machines that desperately need to be migrated onto the virtual hosts and these projects have apparently been on hold for years because no one could figure out how to manage it.

As an example, there’s a Windows Server 2008r2 AD controller/file server installed baremetal on an aging Dell server. It works fine for now, but it’s at risk. I spent days attempting to complete the steps included in Tom’s P2V migration video (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMA_0v6hqEQ) but A) my Linux skills are intermediate and B) XCP-ng was installed using LVM and not EXT. Tom specifically mentions around the three minute mark of the video that migrating into LVM is much more complicated, but I haven’t been able to find an approved method of how to accomplish it. The next thing I was going to try was using a Clonezilla boot disk on the baremetal machine and in an empty VM container in XCP to try directly imaging the OS over the network. If this doesn’t work (or if there’s a better way) then I would be very interested to hear it. Any recommendations or input would be appreciated.

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Clonezilla or what ever cloning software you want to use should work as well.

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