OVPN & Wireguard VPN Server (UDM Pro)

Having issues getting my OVPN config file which was exported from my Ubiquiti UDM Pro, to work on ANY Linux distro. Tried on Debian and Arch. The Ubiquiti portion is super easy, just create the server and add a client and download…so…easy. When I use NM-Manager and “Import a configuration file” it imports with the certs and I fill in the user/password field. However, it keeps popping up to that authentication is needed. Regardless what PW I enter it just keeps popping up. I know the configs are good b/c I can import the config into OpenVPN app on my phone when just on LTE and it connects just fine. Just doesn’t seem to want to work on Linux. I tried to just pivot over to Wireguard, it seems straightforward as well. It seems to connect, but I can only get it to pull ipv6, doesn’t seem to pull the ipv4 address that I defined. I even fill out all of the Wireguard fields requested, such as the list of approved IPs.

Not sure why I am struggling so much with this. I’ve searched around and found plenty of tutorials on UDM Pro where people demonstrate connecting with their phones, but not a Linux client. I’m sure it’s something simple, just can’t seem to put my finger on it.

SOLVED: So… The “name” field w/in Unifi for VPN server. I just left it as default when I created my Wireguard VPN, which was “WireGuard Server 1”. Yeah, Linux Network Manager (Deb/Arch) doesn’t like that name at all. After I removed the spaces and just named it “wire” as a test, it successfully imported the configuration file and pulled an ipv4 address with Wireguard config. I just moved on from open vpn since Wireguard is working now. OVPN just keeps popping up that “Authentication required” box wanting a password. Doesn’t matter what I do it just keeps popping back up.

You cannot be on the same network as your public IP when trying to connect to the VPN

Are you sure you have entered these correctly ? I’ve noticed there are some limitations on the password, sometimes 64 characters can be used and other times not. I would test a simple password such as “password21” to rule this out. I’ve seen special characters not authenticate.

I’ll give it a another try. I’ll try to shorten down the auto created keys maybe.

Yes, I connected to my phones hot spot when testing at home. As well as I tried from my laptop away from home across a public WiFi.