Ovirt vs Vmware

I have seen few comparisons charts between XCP-NG and Vmware but what about Ovirt and Vmware? There is one which has been done by Redhat. At least based on the services and functions it offers, it seems very promising and maybe a bit underestimated among the other available enterprise hypervisors.
Does anyone has any experience with Ovirt or its Redhat counterpart in production environments ?
Can we expect Mr. @LTS_Tom to take a look into this and publish a review on Ovirt as well ?

Basicly oVirt is another virtualization management platform for KVM but I am not aware of any compelling features it has over XCP-NG or Proxmox that would make me want to use it.

ovirt is not straight forward to deploy the last time I looked at this.

oVirt is the fully open source/unsupported part of RHEV. However, IBM/RedHat is now pushing more and more for OpenShift. I wouldn’t expect a very accelerated development from it now. It’s like Gluster, I was really hoping it would continue to move forward but since IBM acquisition, everything development related to oVirt and Gluster became slower :frowning:

Frankly, if you really want to use KVM, I would prefer to go a more independent vendor, like Proxmox or KVM from your preferred distro.

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